2017 General Election

Anyone who saw Jeremy Corbyn on the Marr show on Sunday was reminded the longer he stays in post, the worse things get for Labour. Paradoxically, this makes an early election more, not less likely: while the Tories would love Corbyn to hang on to 2020 and virtually guarantee them a stomping majority, senior figures on the hard left (McCluskey, Abbott, Livingstone, etc) have hinted at a time limit for Corbyn to up his game – and when he doesn’t, his replacement could give the Conservatives a more substantial headache.

To avoid that, officials in Number 10 are taking daily advice from former party chairmen on what would be needed to run a General Election campaign this year. Leave has been cancelled for some senior staff around a possible poll date in May if the Government needs a mandate to overrule opposition in the Commons and Lords. 

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