How GCHQ will influence public sector contracts

This month, the Cabinet Office has released more details about the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which will be led by GCHQ’s Ciaran Martin and open for business in October. Its first job will be coordinate with the Bank of England to advise companies (especially financial services firms) on improving their cyber security. Notably, the NCSC will start work at the same time as the National Infrastructure Commission begins to advise Government on preparing for 5G.

All this points to the vital role of digital infrastructure for big Government policies from smart cities, to driverless cars, to public services being “digital by default”. Soon, if private companies want a piece of the public procurement pie, they will have to help deliver improved national cyber security too, just as they are already being forced to deliver social policies like apprenticeships to have a chance of winning any major Government contract.

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