Monday musing

Three thoughts from the weekend…

1/ In his article for the Herald on Sunday, Angus Robertson claims the Queen’s Speech had “nothing of substance in it for Scotland” and in the Commons he went so far as to say “much of the Queen’s Speech relates just to England and Wales”. Short term, this lets him complain about Scotland being ignored, but it also makes it harder for the SNP to object to these Bills going through the ‘English Votes for English Laws’ process and will reduce Scottish MPs’ influence. Perhaps he wants the “SNP excluded” narrative…

2/ Switched on Labour staffers are following high profile MPs like Khan, Burnham and Berger by looking for roles outside Westminster, ahead of an expected defeat at GE2020. This means the party is not only losing some of its public talent, but is also being hollowed out from the inside.

3/ Talking to Tory MPs on both sides of the EU debate, it’s clear that Brexiteers are building stronger working relationships with each other than their Bremain colleagues. After the referendum result, this will make for some interesting Conservative caucuses in the rest of this session.

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